VR Dock Accessory Heralds Mainstream Availability

One more sign of virtual reality’s impending mainstream status is the appearance of an accessory so necessary for both new and established consoles alike: the dock. This particular product, the VRGE VR Dock, is designed to work with all three major VR consoles – the Vive, Rift and PSVR.


The VRGE Dock is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, and has amassed $6622 through 68 backers, with 24 days to go. The dock itself is of wood construction, with rubberized mount points to protect your hardware. It can also charge the PSVR or Vive controllers while mounted (the Rift controllers uses standard AA batteries).


This is perhaps the first of many docks to come out for this current generation of headsets, but I think this first effort is already getting a lot of things right – it protects and keeps things organized, is made out of nice materials based on the pics, and even helps store the knick-knacks of a VR setup in a single location. The VRGE can also be wall mounted.

Who’s willing to bet that similar looking docks with features copied from these initial models won’t be far behind?



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