Application for Free Vive Tracker Now Open

Think you have some skill in programming? You might be interested in applying for a free Vive Tracker starting this February 7.


HTC is giving away 1000 pieces of the Vive Tracker to jump start development of the tracked peripherals compatible with the Vive. The Vive Tracker is a small, puck-like device that can be attached to various objects to enable tracking of that object through HTC’s “lighthouse”, or base stations. It is festooned with the same kind of dimples as the Vive headset and controllers, enabling the same level of precision in the tracked object.

This is a big step for adding peripherals into the Vive ecosystem, and is exciting for users, developers, and HTC themselves, so it seems. For the privilege, HTC will be asking for the developer’s experience and the intended use of the Tracker. Check it out asap, before everything’s snapped up!


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