TwoEyes VR Camera Mimics Your Two Eyes

The 360 related deluge of products continue unabated. The latest to catch the eye is the “TwoEyes” VR 360 camera – a camera that mimics the view and separation of the eyes of a person, creating a smooth and natural, 360 degree view of what you capture.


The TwoEyes camera is now on Kickstarter, and has already exceeded its target pledge of $40000. As of now, $112,359 from 419 backers has committed to this product, and are expective delivery by august of this year. There’s still 34 days to go for additional backers to sign up.

twoeyes-rotateThe TwoEyes uses two camera lenses spaced 65mm – the average distance between a person’s eyes – apart to capture 360 degree images and videos. There are two sets of this dual lens arrangement, front and back. The camera can be used in a vertical orientation, which activates the “standard” 3D capture mode, similar to other 360 degree cameras like the Theta or Samsung Gear 360. If held horizontally though, the TwoEyes capture images and videos in “3D” mode, making this the first 3D *and* VR camera in one.


This kind of lens arrangement might be a dream combination of the depth of field to be found in 3D output, and the surround nature of VR – or it might not. The idea is interesting enough, and makes enough sense to garner a large number of backers in a very short time – I look forward to seeing output from this particular type of camera.


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