BBC’s Night Predators of Africa in VR

BBC is turning into a champion of VR media – or maybe nature flicks just looks really good in VR. Whatever the case, BBC has released a new video in the Planet Earth II series, this time we’re being taken to Africa.


Planet Earth II: Night Predators of Africa gives the viewers all of the clues for guessing what kind of video this is. In case you didn’t notice, this is the first time a VR video shot in almost total darkness has been shot and released by a major media company, and it’s definitely a new experience. Another first is the use of spatial sound (360 degrees around the point of view) as part of the experience. Make sure to grab a pair of headphones and to move your head to look around often.

It seems somewhat like a horror film with its dark palette, especially with a big carnivore appearing out of the shadows – until you look up and see the night sky which is really as interesting as the big cats surrounding me in the video. Want to try it out? grab a google Cardboard or a daydream headset and you’re set to go.

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