KTNE:Using Your Hands to Defuse a Bomb

I had to buy a wired Xbox 360 controller last year. Not because I had a sudden hankering to play games on my older console, but because of a VR game I was trying out – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, or KTNE. But now, it seems it’s back to Xbox games for my purchase not to go to waste.

Image credit roadtovr.com. Controller support implemented.

Steel Crate Games, developer and publisher of the game, has released support for Vive wands and Rift controllers both, obviating the need to use a separate console controller to manipulate the “bomb” in virtual space. This is great news, and I can’t wait to try it out myself, but it’s still kinda sad for me because of that darn Xbox controller.


This is also great news for new players, who won’t have to fumble around in the dark (literally) to defuse a ticking time bomb, and for older players, who will get a kick out of the added realism lent to the game by the intuitive controllers of both VR headsets.

view through a Daydream viewer


If you’re a mobile VR user, the game is also supported on the Samsung Gear VR and on Daydream devices. This is one of the best party/cooperative VR games out there, and it’s been only made better with the addition of controller support. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!

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