Racket: NX – Don’t Let Go!

Rarely have I seen a game so ripe and ready both for exercise opportunities and for thrown controllers. Racket: NX is a game that simulates the feel of – you guessed it – racket sports, particularly squash; as the game has you smashing a virtual ball at a virtual wall as it bounces around you.


Make no mistake, this is a game that will track just how “hard” you “hit” the ball, so a speedy movement will either successfully progress the game, or throw an expensive piece of equipment against the wall, if you don’t grip it hard enough. Don’t trust the Vive controller strap all that much either – and if you unconsciously move around too much in your play area and end up near a wall, even holding your controller properly won’t save it from potential damage.

All this doom and gloom does not detract from the obvious fun you’d have with this game – it’s like a born-again Wii grew some Tron-inspired visual chops and sped up the whole gameplay of its own “World Tour Squash” game by 20%. You’re going to get a workout while you game, and that’s always a good thing. So grab on tight start swinging those arms! Available soon on the HTC Vive, through Steam.

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