Vive Controller Renegade Fix!

What do you do when you bought a great product which has no in-country support or customer service, and it breaks on you? You turn to the people who’s as unlucky (or as clumsy) as you are, but are also handymen and masters of the renegade fix. The talented people at VR Heads harbor such people, and they walks us through a teardown of a broken Vive controller in this youtube video.


The cause of breakage is refreshingly (or depressingly, if you don’t go for nostalgia) familiar for anyone who tried out the original Wii remotes and inadvertently threw them against the wall, or worse, the TV. Those remotes were pretty robust; they usually survived to wreak even more havoc on the wallpaper or other televisions. Not so with the Vive controllers.

Image credit

Not to say that they’re built poorly or of poor quality, but the number of sensors, cables, and general circuitry far outweighs that of its illustrious ancestor – there’s simply more things to go wrong, especially once you hit the controller against the wall or TV a few times. If it gets thrown across the room, that’s even worse of course, but in the video, the most common failure points are mentioned and pointed out.

While I keep saying that VR is coming into the mainstream, we here in the R of P is lagging a few years behind mass acceptance, probably due to the price and the fact that there’s no local distributor for the Vive (or the rift) yet. So if you got a VR unit like the Vive from abroad, or got it as a gift, or even ordered it online, then I hope you won’t need to refer to a video like the above anytime soon. But if you do need to, then let your McGyver instincts flow out – you’re going to need them.

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