Planetarium Company Going VR

Altair Digital, A Russian company in the projection and “fulldome” planetarium content distribution business, is segueing into virtual reality through the release of their Samsung Gear VR – compatible Fulldome Cinema.


It’s a great idea, with Altair’s previous experience in working with a panoramic view of media translating well into VR content. Fulldome cinemas after all, use the expansive surface area that surrounds the viewer to display breath-taking sights like the full night sky or stellar events. A step towards the full 360 degrees of VR content isn’t such a big step.


The VR app itself presents to the user a virtual view inside a fulldome theatre, with the added advantage of not having to pay the ticket price, parking, or having your toes stepped on by latecomers ogling at the show.

Altair Fulldome Cinema supported.jpgFulldome Cinema will also soon be available on Oculus and other Android devices, for the full fulldome experience (haha) available right on your VR ready mobile device or PC VR headset.

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