Resident Evil 7 VR Player Base Hitting 10%

If there’s still any doubt that VR as an entertainment platform has hit the mainstream, you can lay them to rest now. Resident Evil 7, part of the very popular and long-lived zombie apocalypse / survival series, is being played by nearly 10% of new players through  virtual reality.


This piece of trivia comes directly from Capcom’s amusing little webpage cataloguing all sorts of statistics for the RE fan: normal numbers such as total number of hours played by all players, distance traveled, and the number of players who’s played (at least those who enabled the in-game data transmission option).


Other, more off-beat statistics are also listed – the number of doors opened and (not) closed (why do you suppose so many zombies sneak up on you??), billiard balls pocketed (a measly 6600+ players, or just 0.57% of total number of players) and the number of destroyed parts, plus which parts were targeted the most, along with an epitaph referring to the zombies killed “May they rest in peace”.


Finally, and more relevantly, there is also a statistic counting the number of VR users out of those players who reported in – 10% might not seem all that many, until you consider that the total number of units shipped has reached  2.5 million copies – how many of them has not enabled data transmission, I don’t know, but simple extrapolation gives some very encouraging VR usage numbers.


As more people purchase VR headsets and more copies are shipped out, these number will change, but it’s a good bet that players are finding the VR experience of this type of game much more engaging, and thus fun. If I ever get a chance to try this game out on VR, I’ll be reporting in about the experience. Stay tuned!

Shipping data from Destructoid. Original news item from roadtovr.

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