Car Shopping in VR

One of the early promises for technology like VR was the ability to examine and experience products while at home. Well, it’s finally happened – at least a somewhat basic version of it.


In the video, a couple of friends is able to “sit” inside the car, poke around at the exterior, point out the details to his companions, and even look into the car internals, X-ray vision like. It’s all that the early fantasies of stay-at-home technologies promised, and more.

Nike has implemented something similar with their NikeID, giving its buyers the capability to customize, and see, the sneakers they want to purchase – this uses a form of mixed reality, a cousin of virtual reality as seen through a vive or rift.

The idealized view of “effortless shopping”. Image credit House of Fraser

The next step in my opinion would be a way to impart haptics and resistance from the physical world, without having to don gloves, suits, controllers or even a headset. How it’s going to be done? I have no idea, though reading a lot of sci-fi has given me a few clues – like nano bots and manipulation of the nerves through implanted circuitry. We can only dream of the possibilities, though some possibilities, like me owning something like this Porsche, is a bit remote. I can still window shop anytime though.

Video credit to VRScout

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