Customized Nike Kicks Using AR

Nike has a line of sneakers meant expressly for extensive customization by buyers, the Nike ID line. They are now taking advantage of one of the coolest Augmented Reality implementations to improve the customization process and make it a lot of fun for the buyer.


This is one of the slickest implementations of the technology I’ve seen, and it’s sure to make both sneaker collectors and gadget fans take a second look. It works by using a physical sneaker template as base, after which colors , designs, patterns and whatnot are “splashed” onto the sneaker canvas.


It’s not exactly the same as say, the augmented reality tech used in Microsoft’s Hololens, but it’s as convincing as they come, and if there’s a piece of technology released that will give a convincing feeling of physical weight and dimensions in your hand, I haven’t seen it yet. In the interim, this kind of smart usage of the idea of augmented reality is definitely a step in the right direction.

Nike ID Custom.png

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