A Simpler VR Haptic Glove

Ingenuity continues to manifest itself in solutions aimed towards creating a complete VR experience for the consumer. Past (and current) efforts for a haptic, resistive glove are sophisticated and show a lot of promise, but Tokyo based developer Exiii is going the simpler and surer route in creating a more robust haptic solution.


The EXOS Haptic VR Exoskeleton Glove treats the users’ fingers as two parts: the thumb and the rest of the fingers (per hand). This is a much less ambitious plan than the Senso or the Dexmo, which aims to replicate resistance and movement down to a per-finger basis, which means having a means to control 10 unique sources of movement and interaction, instead of the EXOS’ total of 4.


I don’t know how far along the Senso and Dexmo are, but I do know that if Exiii has its act together, then they might beat both older companies to market, and with a much more robust and reliable product.

EXOS VR Glove.jpg

Reliable, but then again, based on Exiii’s video promotion, the glove will require a certain amount of suspension in belief – there probably won’t be any form of introduced resistance for arm movements and larger gestures across virtual space; just the four fingers and thumb.


In the end, this might turn out to be a good thing if studies pan out regarding how a VR user’s mind adapts to the limits of the gear he or she uses – for example, even mobile VR users sitting in an office chair can easily convince themselves of the authenticity of movement through a simple forward or backward movement of the wheeled office chair courtesy of a colleague; Exiii’s solution might be more than enough simulation for it to become a great solution, especially given the right price.

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