Oculus Blog for VR Setup Assistance

Oculus is helping its customers explore the configuration possibilities of the oculus sensors through a series of posts on its blog. Four posts, all with the “Oculus Roomscale:” heading, are up and ready for consideration.


The four posts details the setup for an ideal VR experience, from the first post which explores the setting up process of the VR Room, (particularly the placement of the sensors), to complicated topics for lay consumers like USB host bandwidth balancing and additional equipment to supplement a PC.

Sensor detection distances

Reading through the guides, I can state that Oculus is taking proper consideration of not only PC enthusiasts who probably blazed through setup and was up and playing mere minutes after opening the Rift box, but also people who’s never heard of a motherboard before and find words like “host controller” and USB bus” to be ominous and indecipherable.

Checking for which host controller a sensor is connected to.

It was probably this principal worry that delayed Oculus’ release of a room-scale solution which utilizes multiple sensors, as these sensors would need high bandwidth and continuous connection to the host PC. The skill, or perhaps “geekiness” level of the user was also a concern, if my experience with my parents are any indication.

Bandwidth through specific USB types, per Oculus sensor

The Oculus blog posts are good solutions for this lingering worry of uneven familiarity with tech products. This is especially true at this “early” stage of VR technology – “early” in the same sense as how the earlier personal computers required a good deal of knowledge in programming and even electronics – while these days it’s pretty much plug and play. VR is headed in that direction, hopefully – we will have VR solutions in the future that won’t require donning a headset or setting up sensors – I can always dream.

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