Sword Art Online FOVE 0 Experience

Anime otakus, gaming enthusiasts, and VR fans find a happy intersection in the introduction of a “Sword Art Online Experience”, an experience designed to introduce users to the FOVE 0 headset, the first commercially available headset with integrated eye tracking.


The Fove 0 headset is the (nearly) silent fourth player in the higher stakes PC VR headset market. Introduced way back in CES 2015,it makes use of some respectable specifications: 2560×1440 display (but only a single display), positional tracking, a 100 degree field of view,  in conjunction with low-latency eye tracking to give its users a unique experience.


This uniqueness is also a source of difficulty for the headset since games will need to be coded to take advantage of the eye tracking. Nonetheless, the Fove is able to take advantage of Valve’s OpenVR protocol, and is encouraging more and easier development with the release of an SDK for developers.


The release of this SAO collaboration coincides with the soon-t-be-released SAO movie entitled “Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale (2017)“, enticing fans of both VR and the anime series and manga.


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