Koei Tecmo Releases VR Cabinet

I can’t overstate how much of a revolution virtual reality is. Not only due to its immersive nature as a medium, but because of the number of accessories this technology is spawning. One of the most elaborate accessories, and designed only by a single publisher, is the Koei-TecmoVR Arcade Cabinet called VR Sense. Full report source credit to Scott Hayden, roadtovr.com, and Japanese publication Game Watch.


VR Sense plans to enhance the VR experience by imparting a sense of heat, adding scents, a “mist function”, and giving it the capability to simulate wind. VR Sense also makes use of a moving seat and a method to impart touch. The device is planned for release with 3 titles included – a horse racing game called GI Jockey Sense, a horror game naturally called Horror Sense, and the seminal Koei tactical action video game Dynasty Warriors.


While the Dynasty Warriors game has not been demonstrated, Koei Tecmo promises to implement “new experiences surrounding the battlefield” and a realistic reproduction of hot flames” (yey?!).

Looks promising at first glance


My previous experience with “VR cabinet” style accessories that strives to improve the VR experience was not good – currently available experiences typically look similar to the examples that can be found at the malls, and offer very limited functionality and very rough integration with the actual VR experience – which is also usually based on a mobile VR platform.


I’m hoping a big company like Koei Tecmo will be able to put out a more convincing VR accessory that will bring in more converts for VR as a medium.

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