Mixed Reality In-Game Menus

Using the Microsoft Hololens headset, Twitter user “Tanufuku” has demonstrated the use of VR screens in conjunction with actual gaming on an actual screen, in one of the better implementations of “mixed reality” or “augmented reality” I’ve seen so far.

FFXIV.jpgThe newly released game Final Fantasy XIV was used in the demonstration, a good idea due to the sheer number of menu screens / status boxes you have to juggle. In the video, we can see a map, quest log, some sort of party list, equipment/character screen, 2 inventory windows, plus another mystery screen, all in conjunction with the user’s actual gameplay window.


On top of all of this, there is a method of interacting with the virtual windows with simple gestures – this was a “wow” moment in the video for me – wherein the user can “click” and drag the windows and place them anywhere around the user.


As far as I know, there has been no announcement from Squaresoft nor from Microsoft about support for such a feature, so hats off to Twitter user Tanufuku for making AR work in such a new game. Perhaps we will see more of these applications in the near future.

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