Fifty Shades Darker: The Masquerade Ball

Fifty Shades of Grey has collected quite a following for its alluring source material in the form of the book, and its sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, is making waves with its currently running movie. LifeVR has released a VR experience to complement the movie entitled Fifty Shades Darker: The Masquerade Ball.

It can be accessed through iPhones or android devices using Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. The viewer will be able to see the masquerade ball scene originally shown in the trailer, with the main characters of the show – Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dorman, and Ana Steele, played by Dakota Johnson taking center stage.


The experience puts the viewer right in the thick of things, which will be a treat for fans of the movie. If you want Christian Grey (or Ana Steele) to look you right in the eye, this 360 degree experience is probably the best way to do it, currently.


The trailer for the VR experience can be seen here:

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