Mark Zuckerberg Reiterates Excitement in VR Tech

Mark Zuckerberg, as well as being CEO of the world’s most-used social networking site, is also an enthusiast – in the most basic sense of the word – in  virtual reality technology. He relates his visit and his thought about VR through his personal Facebook page.


In his post, Mark talks about the technology being pursued and developed at Oculus’ Research labs in Redmond, Washington – namely advanced optics, eye tracking, augmented reality, and new means of tracking the whole body of a user.


His excitement and geek-cred shine through in his next statement – “..the technology being built in this lab right now makes me want the future to get here a lot sooner.” I share his sentiments about this new technology; excitement isn’t such an uncommon thing to feel about a technology with such huge potential.

Add-ons and functional accessories are appearing in market at a fast clip, while on the software side games too many to list are already available for download. There is already a competitive background between two industry giants aiming to gain the loyalty of customers, with a 3rd player (PSVR) serving as the unconventional foil to the two, more mainstream choices. This is the 90’s to early 00’s all over again, in reference to the console wars.

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