HTC To Release Mobile Version of Vive

HTC is going back to its roots. The company has announced plans to release a mobile VR headset for use with its newly released HTC U Ultra flagship phone.


HTC has long been known for their solid and innovative handsets, with premium features that were attractive to consumers, although some models came with somewhat high price tags. A comfortable level of commercial success has proved elusive for the Taiwanese company however, until they started development and eventually released the HTC Vive that is.

From starting with premium cellphones, to the development of the Vive, and now to the announcement of a mobile VR device, HTC has come full circle. HTC has stated that the device will be “different” from the current stalwarts of mobile VR – Daydream phones and Samsung Gear VR, but has not yet released any details. Considering the quality of both its cellphones and the Vive, we can probably expect great things.

Even if HTC’s phones haven’t been all that commercially successful, it seems HTC has found its rice bowl and has gone after its development with all due haste and competence – the HTC Vive is one of two most respected PC based headset solutions available, and is constantly improving its ecosystem with the help of great industry partners like Valve. If the mobile version takes advantage of this ecosystem and is but only partially as successful as its PC based brother, we’re going to have another console war on our hands.


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