New Additions to Vive’s Game Bundle

If you don’t have an HTC Vive yet, now is the time to consider one; HTC is including two additional titles for each purchase of the Vive, according to HTC’s Vive Blog.

Job Simulator.png

The Vive’s original bundle once counted three great titles: Fantastic Contraption, Job Simulator, and Tilt Brush. It was changed to a different set that still included Tilt Brush, for a time, although this was later changed to only two titles, omitting Tilt Brush from the bundle.



The current bundle includes Zombie Training Simulator and Call of the Starseed, while the two additional titles are both an experience with “heights” – Everest VR lets the viewer explore the world’s tallest mountain, while Richie’s Plank Experience simulates walking out onto a plank. Yeah. Then again, it got a 93% rating on Steam with a “Very Positive”, so it’s certain to be something worth trying.



The bundle is a value of $75, although the best part of this piece of news is HTC’s promise of refreshing this bundle regularly. According to HTC, they intend to do this through “..Our new redemption platform that adds Viveport support, in addition to Steam, [that] will enable us to continually and dynamically update the content bundles for Vive, ensuring the best content is readily available to new Vive owners..”


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