Drawing Star Wars in 3D Space

“What a lot of work” – was what I thought as I watched a scene taking shape. Designer and Creative technologist Dong Yoon Park has created a Star Wars battle scene all in 3D, using the HTC Vive program Tilt Brush.

A lot of work, but us viewers are the ultimate beneficiary of the long hours dedicated to creating this scene – Park has included a video of the process leading towards the completed scene, adding to the appreciation I have for the creative process.


This is how I imagine 2D works of art were, and are, created –  a lot of layers, a lot of perspective, and a lot of tools. The difference with Tilt Brush is now, there’s a magnitude more layers due to the 3D nature of the art (the artist has to layer in “paint” front and back, forward and rear, top and bottom, instead of just simulating depth in 2D), a magnitude more perspective (each object inside the 3D painting must be in its correct position in relation to everything else, and all in 3D space), and balancing these added difficulties, the artist now has in his or her hand all of the tools needed, in many new forms, all in an easy to access “toolbox”.


Mr. Park is surely a very big fan of the Star Wars films, and he’s discovered a new way of expressing his interest in the new VR technology presented by Tilt Brush, and also by other similar programs like Medium on Oculus. I’m no artist myself, but I imagine this is a n exciting development for artists and their art – the perfect way to involve their admirers by literally immersing them into their art – and with artists like Mr. Park exploring the boundaries and coming up with work like this, VR is becoming not just a great gaming platform but also an unmatched creative outlet.

It’s a lot of work, but works of art usually are.

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