NBA Releases VR App

NBA fans can now get into the VR action with the newly release NBA app designed for Google Daydream.

NBA VR3.jpg

Developed by Digital Domain through the NBA, the app comes right on time to welcome the 2017 NBA All-Stars, and will still be available afterwards to serve as the NBA’s VR portal for its fans.


The big-ticket app for this upcoming All-Star event is the application called “House of Legends”, a sort of commentative experience where we get to meet former NBA legends such as Bruce Bowen, Chauncey Billups, and Robert Horry, and listen to their thoughts about the current rosters and the game as compared to their generation, all in VR.

NBA All Star 2017.png

If you’re a rabid or not-so-rabid NBA fan who checks the papers, TV, online reports and even listen to the radio for NBA-related news, then add this VR app to your to-do list as a great source of exclusive NBA content from now on.

Check it out here:

Original report from VR and Fun\

Feature image credit usatoday

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