Samsung Monitorlessor AR/VR Teased

As if the Samsung Gear VR wasn’t enough of a success, Samsung is now teasing a new kind of headset with both VR and AR capabilities – the “Monitorless”.


The mouthful of a name doesn’t detract from the delightful idea behind this concept – a light and almost-presentable, shades-type pair of glasses that integrates with your screens and devices wirelessly (through WiFi Direct). It’s able to switch between AR and VR through some sort of toggle on-the-fly (at least in concept).

With this device, the user will be able to turn multiple devices – like their cellphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, into a virtual desktop without even looking directly at the device in question. And if I’m interpreting the rendering and the video correctly, more than one device can be brought up at the same time, turning this into the ultimate multi-tasking tool since the KVM switch.


And therein lies the rub – this concept looks great in my opinion, but it will face the same big obstacle of an elephant in the room as other multi-tasking and virtual desktop concepts before it – control schemes and interaction. The video demonstrates the use of a smartphone or tablet to control the PC which in turn was being projected onto the Monitorless headset, but doesn’t address use with multiple screens, typing, and switching between devices.


It’s still early days though – this is after all simply a render and not an actual product – I await with anticipation this new product from the maker of one of the most successful mobile VR headsets ever. Monitorless could be just the product needed for faster adoption of VR by non-gaming users we’ve been waiting for.

Image credit to vr and fun and

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