Cheaper Vive Base Stations Pave the Way

In another move to make VR more accessible, HTC has shown off a new prototype “lighthouse” base station during a recent media event hosted by Valve.

During the event, Valve’s Joe Ludwig, who works on Valve’s tracking technology, pointed out the simplified interior of the base station comprising of a single motor covering both vertical and horizontal scanning greatly reduces the cost of manufacturing for the base stations. This is coupled with an improved, curved front and a LED array that can cover a bigger field of view.


This has led Ludwig to state that: “It’s cheaper, it’s smaller, it’s lighter, less noise, lower power, and we think it will be able to track a little better, have a little better field of view.”  “Basically the next-generation. Better in every way.”

The new base stations will be compatible with the original HTC Vive, and this compatibility paves the way not only for additional sensors for better room-scale tracking in the current VR technology paradigm, but also for future advances in tracking that will comprise a whole house, for example – this was stated by Valve’s president Gabe Newell at the same media event.


Cheaper entry point and better tracking? Bring it all on and perhaps I an look forward to my own VR headset soon.

Featured image credit to PC Gamer.

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