Contra In VR!

Baron Kuo, a member of the FB page HTC Vive Steam VR, posted a VR adaptation of the Nintendo Entertainment System game Contra.


Good news for fans – even better news is Baron has promised to make it available for download, for free! – although it might not yet be available. It’s an option to contact this generous guy directly and ask for a link, probably. Check out the link provided, here. Baron has also uploaded a video of some gameplay with the requisite VR user in the background moving in sync.


From the video, it can be seen that Baron has attached a Vive Tracker onto a PP Gun – but there’s no documentation (yet?) to show how it was done – and how the two systems work together (the PP gun has its own orientation system built in after all). I’m guessing the PP Gun’s sytem has been turned off somehow, or its inputs are disconnected from the PC in the background.

It also looks like it’s PC based – most probably through an emulator. It would be interesting to see how everything was made to work together. For now, enjoy the short vid of the gameplay:

Who can forget the “cheat” code Up-up, down-down, left-right, left-right BA start? (or was it AB start?). It should still work in this iteration.

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