Microsoft Confirms MR Headset for Xbox One

It’s confirmed – Microsoft is releasing a VR/AR headset compatible with the Xbox One.

Microsoft prefers to call it “mixed reality” though, instead of trying to fit into the VR / AR categories, and the headset – an Acer one in this particular news item – will cost a relatively affordable $299. This of course compares favorably to the recently previewed Lenovo headset which will also run on windows 10.

A bit of confusion on my part is whether the devices announced for the Windows 10 platform will *all* work on the Xbox One, after all they might pretty much have the same specifications, as stated in this news item.


Regardless, this is the first time that Microsoft clearly states future availability of mixed reality gaming on the Xbox, and this ties in nicely with the news of the new Xbox One replacement in the form of Project Scorpio, which will be revealed sometime this June – probably at the same time as the headsets. One can hope.

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