Sony Sells 5k+ Headsets in Less Than 5 Months

In a first for the industry, Sony has reported total sales of their PSVR consoles – an amazing 915,000 in the first four and a half months on sale.

This contrasts with the other two big players in the field  – the Vive and the the Rift, which are still mum on their actual sale numbers. This is a big deal for Sony, especially considering the somewhat lackluster performance of its other business units.

Aside from good news for Sony executives, this report is also good news for the VR industry as a whole – nearly a million hardware units sold obviously means a respectable user base that merits further software development and large potential for leveraging further growth – the Sony Playstation 4 after all counts more than 50 million subscribed users of its platform.

The price of the Playstation must also be taken into consideration – around $200+ will net you a VR capable game console without any additional setup or configuration required – this contrasts sharply with a PC based setup, which will cost more and be somewhat more complicated to set up.

Overall though, this piece of good news is good news for the whole VR industry – even the competition. The PSVR after all might simply serve as a gateway to even more powerful VR hardware like the Rift or Vive, and other VR headsets in the pipeline.

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