Oculus Drops Price of the Rift

Down the Rift. Get it? Price is down the.. ok never mind. Previously going for $798 for both the Rift and the Touch controllers, Oculus has slashed the entry price for their premiere VR headset down to just $598, a reduction of $100 each from the headset and the controllers.

For the hesitant consumer (due to cost), this is good news. It’s a valid lower cost option with a competitive ecosystem of games and support, not to mention the backing of one of the biggest tech companies ever.

For the cynical consumer, the idea of Oculus pushing down price to undercut its competition, namely the HTC Vive, is surely running rampant in their mind. Perhaps the success of the Vive is raising a threatening note for Oculus, or perhaps they want to increase market share. We can’t know for sure.

For the optimistic consumer, this move might seem to them a precursor of a new Rift 2.0  being released into the market, with vast improvements and great pricing. Again, we can’t know for sure – yet.

What we do know is, the VR train is chugging along, and with a more affordable top-of-the-line option available, it’s only ever going to gain more traction. Check out Oculus’ offer here.


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