Running in VR Using Your Arms

Survios, creator of Raw Data, has shared a video demo of the Vive game “Sprint Vector“, a game that uses your arms to move (very quickly) within its game world.


Survios has studied and implemented this new form of in-VR locomotion to perfection in my opinion – moving your arms instead of your legs creates a new movement dynamic that avoids the common pitfall of motion sickness in games – of which I’m very susceptible of.

In the game, the player swings his or her arms quickly to move in one direction, and this translates into superhuman speeds on screen. You can also climb up walls, “jump”, or even “fly”, using the in-game obstacles. This locomotion system also neatly sidesteps the problem of in-VR movement – a problem that is currently being circumvented through a cumbersome click and teleport method which breaks immersion and pacing.

Sprint Vector removes this method altogether and turns its locomotion system into part of the game – moving just the arms might feel a bit like cheating, but check out the videos here and you’ll see this simply isn’t true – pumping your arms will be one of the best cardio workouts for your gaming ever since Wii sports came out.

The game is not yet available for purchase as Survios polishes the title, but this will surely be a pivotal game that will influence newer games to come, as well as looking like a lot of fun. Just don’t *actually* run right into your living room wall!

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