Facebook 360 Now Out

Facebook has released their first VR App, Facebook 360; an app that Facebook envisions will be the place to discover new content the same way you discover content on your feed – but in VR.

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “With more than 25 million 360 photos and more than 1 million 360 videos published on Facebook to date, there’s plenty of great content to discover in Facebook 360 for Gear VR. The app is a one-stop shop for catching up on what you may have missed from your friends and others you follow, immersing yourself in the 360 photos and videos you’ve saved, and finding something new to enjoy.


It’s free and available on the Samsung Gear VR headset, and presumable is also being prepped for introduction to the other popular VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, which is backed by Zuckerberg.

Sample 360 degree video

The app has four distinct sections – Explore, Following, Saved, and Timeline – pretty self explanatory, and a logical progression from our normal Facebook experience. Timeline bears additional attention as it enables the user to review 360 degree posts they posted – this can be considered gentle encouragement for users to start posting more of these types of media, thereby further increasing the amount of 360 degree content available.

Facebook360-2Check it out here: https://facebook360.fb.com/

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