CNN Releases VR-Focused News Division CNNVR

CNN, the go-to news and media source for half of the world or more, is jumping into VR with four amazing productions through their new, pedantically named CNNVR news division service.

It’s a logical choice not only for CNN, but for any news or media service bringing experiences to its viewers. What better way to do this than through VR? This way, viewers get closer to the experience, with CNN summing it up nicely on their CNNVR site: “We’ve always brought you the news. Now, we’re taking you inside it.


The four experiences include a short introductory video for the CNNVR crew entitled “Welcome to CNNVR”, “Tora Bravo”, which lets the viewer experience a Spanish festival – with huge crowds and bulls, “Surviving Aleppo”, an experience that shows the suffering of the Syrian city Aleppo, and “Carnivore Sanctuary” – an experience with rescued wild animals in a sanctuary.

This content can be accessed through any google cardboard device, as well as Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR. The experiences can also be accessed simply through desktop browsers using click-and-hold panning.

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