Cycling 1500km in Virtual Reality

A man has cycled the whole length of the United Kingdom – right in his living room using VR and a stationary bike.

There’s a couple of VR games I’d nominate to help users keep the pounds off and give them a fun experience at the same time – top of mind is Racket NX – a strenuous and hilariously fun racket game which contains the added danger of Vive controllers zooming into walls, and then there’s Sprint Vector – which uses the “running arm” movement to simulate ridiculously high-speed movement in a fun obstacle course.

A worthy addition to these is CycleVR – although not exactly a game, it net its inventor a total of 50000 calories burnt over the course of 1500 km cycled – and this was done while enjoying all the sights that could be offered by Google Street View – generally a good thing, with some hilarity mixed in depending on what the Google Street View truck managed to capture on that particular day.

1500km is a lot, but it was done over 8 months of cycling and 85 hours total time cycled, going from Land’s end at the southernmost part of Britain, all the way north to Dunnet Head. And it turns out there’s a lot of people who want to do the same thing.


The creator Aaron Puzey intends to put together a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to create a “proper” VR bundle enabling anyone interested to cycle through their chosen location using nothing more than a VR headset like the Samsung Gear VR, a simple, bluetooth-enabled cadence monitor, and a bike. It hasn’t officially started yet, but there’s a community of enthusiasts already gathering at the creator’s site here.

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