Stick Your Cat Into VR

With the release of the Vive Tracker, all sorts of objects are appearing in room scale setups of developers everywhere. This being still (kinda) the internet age, it was inevitable that cats would soon enter this equation too.

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Unseen Diplomacy developer Triangular its hands on one of the Tracker development kits..and is already working on [a way] to alert VR users to when their pets or children are in the room by bringing them up within the given experience.”

The project came out of what I’d like to call “accidental interaction between realities”, i.e. the cat wandered into the play area, with predictable results. So Triangular Pixels, a game development team consisting of four members, all of them owning cats, has started a “side project” to track cats and other pets so that accidents won’t happen so easily the next time.


There’s the added possible offshoot of these tracked pets becoming part of a game or application, which is perhaps the best sort of result HTC is hoping for by releasing products like the Vive Tracker.

Image credit of Nyan Cat meme to its creators.

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