A Colorful Variety of Videocards

Interested in building your own PC, be it for content creation, gaming, or VR duties? Consider the new Colorful branded videocards for your build, which is colorful in more than just name.

The Colorful brand is now available in our market and one of their most successful product series is their iGame graphic cards; a series of videocards with a rainbow of features you won’t expect from an affordable brand like this.

A short history of Colorful – as a China based company established in 1995 as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and transitioning to ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) duties in the year 2000, they have previously already showcased their own branding in Motherboards, Graphics Cards, ATX power supplies, chassis, Hi-fi players and Mini PCs. They have a strong R&D team and strict quality standards that has resulted in them becoming the number 1 VGA brand for 14 consecutive years in the Chinese market.

For those who are truly PC enthusiasts, or perhaps are Oldie-techies like me, you might remember the brand Chaintech. It should ring a bell as Colorful established a strong alliance with them in 2012. With this collaboration, Colorful reached another level in product technology.

XtopFrontNow for some unboxing. What I have here with me are two X-top Series graphic cards from Colorful – the GTX 1080 & the GTX 1070. Both are similar in terms of features and bundles. The packaging is quite straightforward and simple. On the upper right you have the Nvidia VR Ready and the iGame logos. Below these is some Chinese text which I think means Ultimate Performance (garnered from clues at the back of the box).


At this side of the box, there is information about gamer customization or in much simpler term – categories of the Colorful iGame graphic cards for certain type of use.


Once the outer cover is removed we see the black inner box… quite mysterious as there is no label or any text etched into it.


The card is protected with soft foam with the manual & cd driver on top. You will also find a black iGame pouch. Curious? The next photo will reveal the mystery


Tada!!!! I find this amusing as users will get a complete multi-tool kit with their purchase of this enthusiast’s product, which is fitting. All iGame X-top graphic cards comes with this pouch even for the mainstream iGame X-Top GTX 1060. For the two pcs 4-pin molex to 6pin PCIE connectors, they are situated underneath the foam of the graphics card. I just included them in this shot.


Ain’t she a beauty?


This GTX 1080 is using Colorful’s technology i-MSD (Modular structure Design).

Nickel-lated brass heat tube

This is what it looks like once the face plate of the cooler is removed. Users can use the included multi-tool right away to disassemble the modular structure.

brushed copper base

You have a copper base heat-sink for faster heat transfer to the fins


Here is an actual photo of the back part of the graphics card. The back-plate is sturdy and really helps in supporting the weight of the card to prevent the PCB from bending.


This is the first time I’ve seen a two-piece back-plate module for a graphics card.


Check out the solid caps and digital power phase underneath the heatpipes. You will also notice the non-traditional blade fans that was mentioned in a photo earlier.

IPP Digital Power

Colorful’s self-developed digital power phase.


Here is another unique feature that Colorful can boast of – Silver Plating Technology. Instead of your regular copper inserts in a PCB, silver is used.


Top side of the card is an RGB capable iGame logo. Styles and colors can be adjusted using the included iGame Zone app.


Rear ports of the card from top left to bottom is an OC button (system restart is required every time you press this overclock button), DVI, 3x DisplayPorts and an HDMI port.


Lastly, the iGame Zone software which can be used to overclock the GPU, change the RGB lighting effects and monitor the Colorful’s iGame graphic cards.

There you have it guys, Colorful’s iGame X-Top graphic cards. The pricing on these babies is bang for the buck compared to those well-known brands out there. They are like 10 to 11% cheaper, gives solid performance and has a great thermal solution. Playing Battlefield 1 with this card, temps hover below 60c, while using Unibench’s Valley benchmark tool results in temperatures of 65 to 72c.

There’s a whole set of Colorful videocards in the series, from the entry level to the top-of-the-line (except for the 1080 Ti, which we hope we will see from Colorful soon). Stay tuned for updates on this brand!

Authored by Gzhil

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