Vivepaper – Read Magazines in VR

VR is definitely turning into a pastime for those who can afford it. There’s even more reason to don the headset now with HTC’s introduction of Vivepaper, a way to read magazines while in VR.

Of course, there’s more to it than just leafing through a virtual magazine. Vivepaper lets the user see the architecture from inside a house as if you’re there, a car ad with the car seemingly right in front of you, or see a dress modeled and shown in perfect proportion.


HTC is constantly adding more content, but one of the early entries is already a much admired name – Conde Nast Traveler can be accessed right in VR by using a (physical) AR booklet that’s scanned to show the reader videos, 3D photos and even audio. The video shows how this is done – each turn of a page will show another VR experience, perfectly segueing into ads which after all is a staple of the magazine industry.

While it’s available in HTC’s Viveport and runs on the Vive, it can also run on an ordinary Google Cardboard headset using your smartphone.


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