New (Old?) HTC Controller Designs

I’m not sure how I missed this, but HTC already had a new prototype controller out October of last year:

New Vive Controller

The controller has more than a passing resemblance to the Oculus Rift’s controllers, though we must bear in mind that Oculus’ controllers wasn’t even released until December 2016.

HTC’s version is strapped onto the hand and does not fall off even when the user opens his or her hand. It’s a more natural way of “holding” and interacting with the controller, one that integrates the natural gripping motion of the hands into how the peripheral is held.

New Vive Controller2

While this is exciting news (even if it’s pretty old news), I have to wonder about the long silence about these updated controllers – 5 months is a pretty long span of time for tech news to not bubble up again – perhaps HTC is even now working to improve these controllers for release, or perhaps it’s not being released due to the success of controllers version1.

Either is good news, as even withholding the products from release means early adopters can utilize the current wand controllers to its maximum potential – and the same is true for developers, who can create more applications that take advantage of the current controller design.

Irregardless of HTC’s plans, I always look forward to new hardware coming out – doubly so because I don’t own version 1 yet haha.


Image credit: Shawn Whiting

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