Re-live Beauty and the Beast in VR and 360 Video

Disney released an interactive 360 degree experience to promote the Beauty and the Beast Live movie adaptation, and in some ways, it’s a better experience than the actual film.

Disney released this experience to help relive the dining scene so beloved of children and adults alike, from the original animated feature. This is the scene where Belle is treated to a orchestral and dancing extravaganza conducted by none other than Lumiere the romantic French candlestick, with the catchy “Be Our Guest” song number in the background.

The experience is perfectly entitled “Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal”, and as is expected in a 360 degree experience, you as the viewer is a part of the proceedings, and all sorts of activity occurs around you. It’s a great introduction to the film, especially with Ewan McGregor voicing Lumiere and the extravagant dining room lavishly recreated.

This is a perfect opportunity to upload a picture of Belle in her iconic yellow dress

Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal is only one experience of many in Disney’s growing trove of VR experiences – all of which can be accessed through the Disney Movies VR app in Oculus’ Store. The experiences can be tried out using an Oculus Rift, but if users don’t have access to a Rift, Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal can also be accessed as a Samsung Gear VR 360 degree video or through Facebook.

Original news credit VR and Fun

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