Access NCAA March Madness Through VR

If you’re any kind of fan of college basketball, then March Madness 2017 is probably on your events radar. The NCAA is spicing things up this year by broadcasting games through VR using Oculus and Samsung Gear VR.

marchmadnessbracketThis year’s tie-up includes Turner Sports, CBS Sports, Intel and NCAA of course. 6 games are scheduled for live broadcast, with 2 options for the viewer presented similarly to how you would purchase a ticket for a live event – quoting vr and fun:

“To watch a live broadcast from one of these games, you’ll have the options of either choosing a silver ticket or gold VIP access ticket. The silver ticket will cost $1.99 per game that provides a single camera courtside option with featured commentary by a CBS broadcaster. The gold VIP access package will cost $2.99 per game or $7.99 for all six games including multiple camera angles and a dedicated game commentary specific to the VR experience.”


The first broadcast aired yesterday, but any live broadcasts you missed can still be experienced by accessing the highlights through your Oculus or Samsung VR settings. Another feature is a specially designed-for-VR bracket view to keep the viewer up to date with their favorite team’s progress.

Feature image credit to Lance King/Getty


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