Sephiroth by vrhuman Comes Alive in VR

VR Designer and Sketchfab “Master” Vladimir Ilic shows how he created the videogame character Sephiroth right in Tilt Brush, and it’s a joy to watch.

vrhuman portfolio

Vladimir is part of the site Sketchfab‘s community, and has been awarded the title “Master” due to his unbridled enthusiasm for the VR medium and support for its activities. In short, he’s an ambassador for VR. He has created a number of masterpieces to back up the title, and of special interest is his creation of Sephiroth, the main villain in the popular Final Fantasy VII RPG.


Going by the name vrhuman, Vladimir boasts of nearly two dozen creations, ranging from Street Fighter’s Ryu performing a hadouken, to Charizard, to DOTA’s Lich King. The great thing about these videos is that Vladimir shows how the art progresses, what “textures” he uses, and how it’s built from the inside to the (usually) flaming exterior.

Sketchfab is a community focused on sharing 3D and by extension, virtual reality. 360techph has a few examples of photogrammetry – derived productions uploaded through sketchfab, and is the perfect display of the breadth of the community – from absolute beginners to master artists like Vladimir.


If you want to see more of vladimir’s work, you can browse through his youtube channel, or visit his site here, or his portfolio on Sketchfab.

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