Subtitled Summer Lesson For Release April 28

In the tradition of quirky Japanese games, the “dating sim” type of game Summer Lesson is coming out, complete with subtitles, this April 28, 2017 to the SEA market.

summer lesson1

This game was originally released alongside the PSVR headset last November in a more localized form, catering mainly to just the Japanese market. The default spoken language is Japanese, making it a difficult game to play and enjoy by non-native Japanese speakers, although some players inevitable muddle through.

The April 28 release will include 2 DLCs and subtitling. The release preview video can be seen below:


This title is significant not only because of its unique stature as the first “dating sim” in VR; the level of immersion is completely different from looking at a 2D representation of a character on-screen.

In other words, quirky Japanese games are well and good, but the level of immersion afforded by virtual reality makes the quirkiness ramp up quickly to a creepy level, unless you’re a fan of animated games and anime in general. Then it’s simply a revolutionary experience.

Look for the game in the Playstation Store this April 28.


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