Bob Ross Painting in VR

Youtuber Door Monster has shared a hilarious reinterpretation of the famous host of The Joy of Painting Bob Ross, in this video uploaded to his channel: created the video, and at first I was unsure of its authenticity, and what’s worse (or best?) is I still don’t know even after watching the video. This could definitely turn into a full-blown series about the joys of painting in Tilt Brush for all I know, so polished it seems.

Of course, the author / actor will probably have to pay some sort of royalty to the original Bob Ross, with their use of the iconic afro, gentle and soothing tone of voice, and the general upbeat nature of the teacher in insisting that *everyone* can paint – although in this case, that insistence is slightly modified to only include anyone *with an HTC Vive*.

bob ross2

The hilarity continues with some gentle (and not so gentle) needling of Oculus Rift owners, and changing the types of paint in use from sky blue or earth brown to #fff00023 or #33321000f, and this Bob Ross copycat’s seeming lack of actual painting prowess.

Here’s a link to the original Bob Ross instructional videos, and another video to the Epic Rap Battles of History channel, where Bob Ross is immortalized in a totally different (but still cool) way.


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