Lampix Augmented Reality Lighting

Mixed reality is making its way to practical, everyday appliances, such as this lamp that turns most flat surfaces it can perch on into smart surfaces, called the Lampix.

The video above looks promising, and while the product is currently in development, the component technology already exists, simply awaiting a “packaged” product that’s easy to use and easy to develop for, which is exactly what the company is promising to provide.

SXSW 2017First presented at the recently concluded SXSW 2017 conference, Lampix has garnered a lot of attention for the smart simplicity of its product. If you’ve watched the video, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild with the potential of this kind of technology – off the top of my mind, I can name a few interesting applications – identification of a person’s hand and opening their personal devices (given enough resolution), annotated repair guides that are easy to follow, and perhaps a new way of preparing ingredients while cooking.

lampix2 - crunchbase

The unit looks like a regular, if overly tall and large, lamp, and integrates a camera, projector, LED lighting elements, and a Raspberry Pi controlling all the components.


One of the more interesting applications detailed in the video is how you can interact with paper documents quickly and mesh them directly into data. This kind of ability is neatly expanded on by Mihai Dumitrescu, CTO of Lampix by claiming the (eventual) ability to replace your desktop PC or laptop, by serving as the interface point for a myriad of tasks.


Lampix enables parties to collaborate on a single document, with each change being shown to the all parties at the same time they’re made. As a lot of work happens around a table anyway, this can be a great feature for remote conferencing and multi-discipline collaboration.

lampix logo

This product is a logical next step for augmented reality – like how the original iPhone made a new technology as simple to access as possible by concentrating on the abilities instead of the specifications, I am of the opinion that Lampix is the start of a revolution for augmented reality workflow.


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