Ghost in the Shell Adaptation Comes with VR Experience

Ghost in the Shell, an adaptation of the 1995 anime classic of the same name, has been released at theaters. To complement it, a VR experience has been made available through Oculus, along with a 360 degree video for Facebook users.

For fans of the anime, suffice to say that director Rupert Sanders ((Snow White and the Huntsman) has cleaved closely to the original, but with the expected bias towards Hollywood blockbuster style action sequences that’s been primed for a bigger impact.



For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s enough to understand that the adaptation is a sci-fi based action romp with Scarlett Johansson in it. For both types of viewers, the available for download VR experience is worth a spin even just for its relevance to a future-tech heavy movie. That and the movie’s superb graphics, which lends itself well to VR.

For anyone who does not have access to Oculus, there is the 360 degree clip available for viewing through Facebook.

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