HTC Vive’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Today marks the 1st anniversary of the HTC Vive’s release. To celebrate the occasion, HTC has made a few announcements, including a price drop and the availability of a subscription model for their Viveport online shop.

Arcade Saga

Additionally, Vive owners can download a free copy of Vive Studios’ VR action game Arcade Saga, with the aforementioned price drop, amounting to $100,  applying to new buyers of the Vive.

Image credit vrscout

HTC’s Viveport Subscription is slated for release on April 5th as well, providing Vive users an alternative to Steam’s somewhat chaotic games listing. All new users of the service will be getting a free months trial, after which the service will cost $6.99 a month.

The past year has marked a huge leap in technology and availability, spearheaded by the Vive and its closest competitor the Oculus Rift. A single year might not be so impressive in the context of entertainment mediums, but when you consider the speed of advancement of this commercial product in that span of time, it’s easy to imagine further huge steps forward in the near future.

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