VRgluv Heralds a New Dimension for VR

A new crop of accessories for VR is coming out of development, and one of the most exciting is the VRgluv, a force feedback enabled, individual finger tracking glove accessory designed for touch interface for VR.


At the moment, there’s a palpable amount of excitement in forums and various news outfits in anticipating this product; compared to previous solutions, the VRgluv features force feedback that varies according to the experience being simulated. No details have been released telling us how this is done, but the VRgluv website is promising updates this April.


Another feature no less exciting is the “complete hand tracking”, which the company says is “simple, elegant, and accurate”. This means more than tracking the whole hand in virtual space, but also the individual fingers, meaning the user can ball his/her hand into a fist for some hand-to-hand combat, or point a finger to press a single button, or even conceivably play a piano.


This ties in nicely with the variable force feedback, which lets the user “feel” what is being held in the hand – a rubber ball will have more “give” compared to when the user is gripping a snooker ball, for example.


If the VRgluv company comes through with their claims in their website, this accessory will herald a new dimension in the VR game – sight and sound is already well represented, now touch through the user’s hands will bring VR ever so slightly closer to its ideal state.

VRgluv is compatible with the Vive Tracker, controller and to the Rift touch controllers. There has been no announcement for price or availability yet.

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