Motion Capture Through Vive Tracker

Ikinema, a UK-based company dealing in software, has released a demo of their motion capture application called “Orion” that’s based on the HTC Vive Tracker.

The video demo as seen above, shows a “raw” capture, without post production, of motion captured directly from the trackers. Traditional motion capture techniques require a more elaborate system and more post-processing, while Ikinema’s solution focuses on simplicity.


Motion capture has been used for a long time in movies like Avatar and Lord of the Rings, with the Gollum character particularly well-documented. High budget movie productions might not exactly be the targeted users for this Vive-based solution, but the results seem to come close to previous solutions, with much less preparation time required.

The Vive Tracker was released recently, and it’s not an overstatement to say that it has revolutionized the VR accessories industry by enabling easy integration into VR applications of all sorts of real life objects.

To quote the source of this report (roadtovr): “Ikinema says that Orion’s solved skeleton output is suitable for game engines, 3D packages, custom rendering environments, and VR/AR experiences. It sees the technology as very useful for game developers prototyping animation, as well as the simulation, enterprise, retail, medical and automotive industries.”


Ikinema brings their expertise in inverse kinematics to translate the motion captured into a convincing, ready-for-processing material using just a small number of tracking points.

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