Audi Le Mans VR Experience a Treat

Audi is jumping feet first into VR as an advertising medium, with their latest effort concentrating on their extensive LeMans experience. This LeMans VR Experience shows off the exciting pitstop process, the garage and pitstop team, and of course, the Audi R18 car itself.

According to Audi’s tribute page:

“The Audi Le Mans Tribute is celebrating Audi´s long racing history and honors the successful commitment of the Audi Sport racing team. The viewer gets a first-hand experience of a full pit stop at the Le Mans 24hour race. To achieve the highest visual quality and authenticity the original Audi pit box and pit lane have been recreated using laser scanning and photogrammetry. An intricate motion capturing process has brought the mechanics and drivers to life. And of course no screw is missing on Audi’s phenomenal R18 race car. Get immersed and feel the adrenaline rush of a Le Mans race car driver and his supporting crew.”

Audi-Lemans VR1Audi’s VR experience was created in cooperation with Ignyte GMBH, based in Germany, a company known for their collaborations for VR with companies like Infiniti, Ford, and LG.

Audi-Lemans VR3Of interest is this page’s combining of photogrammetry and VR technologies to showcase its Lemans experience; it’s very effective in bringing the viewer into the scene. Photogrammetry handles the static scene, capturing presumably thousands of pictures to combine into a single 360 degree scene if Audi’s method is in any way similar to my own amateur efforts.

Audi-Lemans VR4

You can use any of the major VR solutions (other than PSVR) – like Rift, Vive, Samsung Gear VR or simply through Facebook 360 – to see the VR experience yourself.



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