MyLab Brings Chemistry to AR/MR

Chemistry is given a new look through the VR experience / teaching aid MyLab, which puts the periodic table in virtual reach.

MyLab is a Microsoft Hololens app that enables the quick and very visual study of chemical composition, atomic structure, and even interactions between elements.

From the way the data is presented, it’s easy to see this developing into an essential tool for chemistry students finding their way in a chemistry lab for the first time. Augmented reality through the Hololens will allow students to see what they are doing in the real-life lab, while the holographic table enables quick and easy recall of the most important information.


In the future it might be expanded to show how the atomic structure changes upon interaction with another element, and perhaps listing the required catalysts, conditions, and perhaps a visual representation of the ionic connections, neutrons, and protons re-arranging themselves into the new compound. It’s available for free at the Microsoft Store.

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