Updated Google Earth Out Today!

Google is unveiling a brand new version of Google Earth at 8:30 AM EST (8:30PM locally) today, April 18 at New York City.

While no specifics have been released, there’s a good chance that the VR component of Google Earth is in for a big update; there has been no activity on this front since Google Earth VR’s release November of last year.

This is exciting news because of Google Earth’s inherent function as a learning/teaching tool, and the program in VR is even more enticing to students and educators due to its fascinating subject matter and engaging mechanics (fly like a superhero across the globe! tower over landmarks like the Pyramids!).

If I had to guess, I would say Google has put in some sort emphasis in exploration through the program, with perhaps a social component where people can meet in “rooms” created at a particular location. But these are just guesses, and I look forward to the announcement tonight.

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