Jaunt ONE Pro VR Camera To Be Available for Purchase Soon

Jaunt, Inc. is making their Jaunt One professional VR camera available for to the buying public.

Jaunt One1According to Koji Gardiner, VP of Hardware Engineering at Jaunt: “Demand for the Jaunt ONE has been unwavering since we introduced it to rental houses last summer.”  “The natural next step was to provide filmmakers the ability to own the camera. These filmmakers are pushing the creative boundaries as they eagerly explore the medium and we could not be more proud to provide them with the only professional-grade VR camera designed specifically for their craft.”

There’s been a few VR-capable cameras already released for the casual and amateur segments of the market, but there’s fewer options for the professional market. I couldn’t find purchase prices from the few online retailers mentioned by Jaunt, which included B&H, Abelcine, and Radiant Images. Prices may be announced soon.


Jaunt ONE features:

  • 24-camera array with synchronized global shutter sensors, providing full 360° stereoscopic coverage at up to 8K output resolution
  • Best-in-class stereo image quality with dynamic exposure control enabling up to 18-stops of scene dynamic range
  • Easy-to-use with on-board media storage for up to 20 hours of continuous recording and integration with industry-standard batteries and accessories
  • Rugged & reliable design built to withstand extreme conditions and production tested worldwide
  • Versatile rigging options for mounting Jaunt ONE to a tripod, dolly, steadicam, camera car, cable cam, and more
  • Support for capturing up to 120 frames per second
  • Real-time monitoring of up to eight Jaunt ONE modules, enabling the user to preview what the camera is seeing prior to recording


Jaunt One2

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